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Tour Sign Ups: The Bend-Bite-Shift Box Set by Olivia Hardin

The Bend-Bite-Shift Box Set
The Bend-Bite-Shift Box Set by Olivia Hardin
Publication Date: September 1st 2013
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance
Witch Way Bends (Book 1)

Devan Stowe has only one thing on her mind, shutting down her father’s child trafficking business. Her determination sets her on a journey to discover her true strength and the one man she was destined to love.

In his arms, she’ll learn the meaning of trust, honor, and courage. She will unlock an amazing gift that will free her from her past and open up a future full of magic, faeries and more things than she ever imagined possible.

But no good deed goes unpunished, and Devan’s quest may have deadly consequences not only for her, but for those she cares most about.

 Bitten Shame (Book 2)

Jill Prescott returned from self-imposed seclusion to help save her best friend Devan’s life. Throwing herself into Devan’s problems and bringing an evil organization to its knees might just be the distraction she needs to keep living without the only man she’s ever loved.

Her life changed forever when she was hired to spend a week with Doc Massey. On the day she became a vampire her youthful innocence ended, but Doc’s love rescued her from being consumed by the darkness. The shadow of that former life continues to loom over her, keeping her from realizing her own self-worth. Running from her past only brings her closer to a destiny that is inextricably connected to what she is trying to escape. . .

Every gift has both a reward and a price, because All of it fits. . .

 Tell A Soul
(A Bend-Bite-Shift Story - Previously published in the Cupid Painted Blind Anthology)

He’s the dependable one. The strong and steadfast one. Still, there’s one woman who has always turned his firm resolve on end. Langston is surprised beyond belief to find Kristana again, and this time without a husband. Has fate finally given them the chance to be together? Kristana can’t escape her intense attraction for the strange giant Langston, but the murmuring voices in her head are threatening to drive her mad. Can she find a way to trade one torment for another and thereby find true love?

 Shifty Business (Book 3)

Gerry Hinton thought she had the perfect career as an operative for the Company. Her next assignment should have been another "mission accomplished", but hell was delivering hand baskets that day.

When a little girl gives a mysterious silver box to Gerry, her world self-destructs. Suddenly under constant mental attacks, the only person who can save her is her partner, Nicky--but nothing comes without a cost.

Secrets buried deep in the past begin to rise, threatening everything she holds dear.

 By Blood and Benevolence
(A NEW Bend-Bite-Shift Story)

Viktor has battled the darkness his entire vampire existence. His wife and the life they made together manage to keep him from the brink of despair, but it’s always near the surface.

A strange and dark encounter at a party unleashes his repressed past, overwhelming him with memories of his cruel maker and lost love. His sanity is challenged when a mysterious dhampir arrives on his doorstep with information that will cause him to question everything he thought he knew.
A short story that bridges the Bend-Bite-Shift Trilogy to the upcoming For Love of Fae Trilogy.
Purchase Link:

 Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Smashwords

~About The Author~

Olivia Hardin realized early on how strange she was to have complete movie-like character dreams as a child. Eventually she began putting those vivid dreams to paper and was rarely without her spiral notebooks full of those mental ramblings. Her forgotten vision of becoming an author was realized when she connected with a group of amazingly talented and fabulous writers who gave her lots of direction and encouragement. With a little extra push from family and friends, she hunkered down to get lost in the words. She's also an insatiable crafter who only completes about 1 out of 5 projects, a jogger who hates to run, and is sometimes accused of being artistic, though she's generally too much of a perfectionist to appreciate her own work. A native Texas girl, Olivia lives in the beautiful Lone Star state with her husband and their puppy Bonnie.

Author Links:

Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Google+ / Amazon Author Page / Goodreads

~The Tour~

I'm organizing a Two Week Reviews Only Tour for The Bend-Bite-Shift Box Set by Olivia Hardin. It'll run between November 18th- December 2nd. Review copies will be available in Mobi & ePub format.

Anyone can sign up! Bloggers and Authors, you also do not need to be a Tour Host for this Company to sign up! If you sign up, no matter what, I'll make sure there'll be room for you as there is no limit on the number of blogs! The only thing that matters is that we get at least 14 blogs to sign up!

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New: Release Day Blasts now available....Only $15!

-One Day
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I promise, we'll make your book a star!

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Are you looking for Reviews Only Tours? Well, we've got them!

- 1 Week
-Schedule at least 3 Weeks ahead
-7+ Bloggers
-Custom Banner by Jaimie Admans
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-2 Weeks
-Schedule at least 3 Weeks ahead
-14+ Bloggers
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-3 Weeks
-Schedule at least 4 Weeks ahead
-21+ Bloggers
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-4 Weeks
-Schedule at least 4 Weeks ahead
-28+ Bloggers
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What do you think of those prices? You like them, huh? I'm sure y'all do!
If you're interested, here's a form to order one! I promise it'll be the best decision you'll ever make in promoting your awesome book! 

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You can now Like us on Facebook!

Hey guys, you can now follow us on Facebook!
Why you should do this? Well, if you don't want to become an official tour host but still want to know everything that's going on, then our page is the perfect place for you to find out about all our reveals, blasts, and tour sign ups! 
I'm so excited!
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What's been going on in The Harvesters Blog Tour!

So if you know me, Ashley from Paranormal Sisters (my book reviewing blog), then you know the awesomesauce job I did to get this month long tour going with the help of amazing bloggers! 
If not, then long story short, I paid someone to put this together. It was originally schedule to start in August but then the hostess had to push it back cause she didn't have enough bloggers (yet I gave her 2 months to do that). But whatever, I get how life and other things can take us away from this world, so I was cool. Until the reschedule time came up and I haven't heard from her in a month. She fell of the face of the earth and me ripped off.
So, I Wonder Woman it and put together a month long tour in just 2 in a half days thanks to all the caring bloggers! If it wasn't for them then this would have never happened. I love them all dearly because of this! And I'm grateful that some of the bloggers that signed up for the first scheduled one came along the ride for this one! I'm so grateful and I just can't ever stop saying thank you! 
Putting together this blog tour was fun and empowering to say the least haha. So now that the new visitors know my story, let's see what's been going on in the tour so far. I'm having a blast, by the way!
I'm only showing up to Oct. 18 cause for Oct. 19-20, those host have yet to put up theirs. But don't worry they'll be up soon and they'll be in the other update.
Okay, enjoy! :)
~October 1~
Emma’s Ramblings onSupernatural Fiction- Book Spotlight, Excerpt, Guest Post "She's Missing Her Brain" about how this scary cover came to be! I'm sure you guys are just dying to know!
~October 2~
Turning Pages- Interview, find out if any of my characters or their personalities are based on real people I know or what inspired me to become an author....
~October 3~
After Dark Rendezvous- Review, Trina says "The Harvesters was an extremely quick read, not just because it frightened the hell out of me but because I couldn’t read it fast enough to find out what happens to Jason and Ashley." & "The Harvesters is not for the faint of heart..."
~October 4~
Ramblings on Readings- Review, 3 stars from Jessica with some funny GIF's and " You may be thinking, hmm…short story, not a whole lot must happen…WRONG. This book would be the climactic scene of a full-length novel or movie."
~October 5~
Reading... Dreaming- Review, Giveaway, 4 stars from Ruty "Ashley the main character is quite brave and she really kicks some asses" & "It is a fast story with a high level of adrenaline and action with great descriptions of the surroundings."
~October 6~
Bookfever- Top Five Facts, Stephanie reviewed The Harvesters back in June giving it 4 fangs you can find the link on this post along with some facts like "I met my first boyfriend (my one and only) in college, we're still happily together"
~October 7~
Be The Spark- Review, Jaimie Admans says, "Creepy children, action, drama, peril, it has all the right ingredients for a horror story! I liked the change of viewpoint between characters half way through, that was a clever switch, and kept things interesting!"

Sun Mountain Reviews- Guest Post "Why my main gal has the same name as me" pretty much explains itself haha
~October 8~
Oops! I Read A Book Again- Guest Post "My Muse My Power" me talking about what empowers me!
~October 9~
A Cauldron of Books- Book Spotlight
~October 10~
Writing Dreams- Top Five Facts, Excerpt, Book Spotlight- "I'm deadly afraid of spiders!"
~October 11~
Stacy Claflin, Author- Interview, Giveaway, "see what I'm working on now"
~October 12~
Sharing Links and Wisdom- Review, Top Five Facts, "I'm the quietest person you'll ever meet"
~October 13~
I Read Indie- Interview, "See what my guilty pleasure is" & "what my favorite season is"
~October 14~
Indy Book Fairy- Book Spotlight, Interview "Do I have a process" & "What's my favorite genre to write"
~October 15~
A Place on the Bookshelf- Excerpt, Guest Post, Giveaway, "How I got the writing bug"
~October 16~
Out of the Blue- Review, Alessandra says "This is a very fast-paced story. It's 30 pages full of action."
~October 17~
Book2Buzz- Review, Giveaway, Excerpt, Top Five Facts- Jovon says "The Harvesters was scary! Like the Hills Have Eyes, Jeepers Creepers scary!" best compliment ever haha.
~October 18~
Danita Minnis- Guest Post "Why horror" learn why I like to write it haha

Thanks so much everyone! I really appreciate it! <3

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Examples of our prices!

Our logo is-
Where we support indie authors and have affordable prices!
And it's true ladies and gentlemen!
I'm an indie author myself so I know when it feels like we're selling a arm and a leg just to promote our books. I've even been ripped off and my tour host fell off the face of the earth. In 2 in a half days I put a month long tour together with the help of caring bloggers.
This and many other things has led me to want to start my own touring company but with the prices where it wouldn't feel like I was selling my soul to the devil.
Here are a few examples:
-One Day
-Can be done in Short Notice (but for best results schedule at least 1-2 Weeks ahead)
-No Limit on Number of Blogs
-Giveaways are Optional
-Advertisement on Twitter/Facebook 
- 1 Week
-Schedule at least 3 Weeks ahead
-7+ Bloggers
-Custom Banner by Jaimie Admans
-Media Kit
-Advertisement on Twitter/Facebook/Both My Blogs
-4 Weeks
-Schedule at least 4 Weeks ahead
-28+ Bloggers
-Reviews/Excerpts/Guest Post/Interviews/# of Facts About You/Top Ten Lists
-Custom Banner by Jaimie Admans
-Media Kit
-Advertisement on Twitter/Facebook/Both My Blogs 
Those were our cheapest and most expensive one. Nothing over $45.....sound good to you? Then go to the top of the blog and check out the rest of the amazing prices under the tab of services!
I promise you'll love them!
Thanks for stopping by!
Hope to see some of you become my clients in the near future!

Welcome to my new Journey!

My dad pointed out to me that whenever I get a review request or a chance to help promote a book for an author, that's when I truly light up. That's when he can see an over flow of joy in my eyes. And he's right, I love helping to promote books and doing reviews for authors.

I'm at the crossroads in life, still trying to find my way, and because of that he suggested I try to find some way to turn this joy into a profit. Into a way where I can make a living doing something I truly love! So here I am. I've been thinking about starting this touring company for a while now but him saying that to me pushed me to finally jump head first.

Since I don't have a "day job" if you order a request from me you'll have my full attention. I get a thrill out of this so I promise to make this the best experience ever! Plus I'm an indie author myself so I know how it feels when we're selling an arm and a leg just to promote a book that hardly cost that much to publish in the first place, so here I promise you'll find the most affordable prices with very effective services!

Cheapest: Reviews only tour: $10/for 1 week & Expensive: A Possession Tour: $45/for 4 weeks

Along with me Jaimie Admans, author of Afterlife Academy and Not Pretty Enough, is going to join me along this journey by being my banner designer for all tours and book blasts. I'm so glad to be working with her and I'm excited for you guys as she's an amazing designer!

So let's get going and have some fun!

My Stats for- Paranormal Sisters
Monthly Page views average 10,000+
GFC- 100+
Twitter- 1,000+
I work hard on my blog and I’ll work just as hard to help promote your books!
P.S If you're fans of my book reviewing blog, I promise this will not get in the way. Along with my writing. These are all the things I love so they'll have my attention no matter what! They already take over my life haha so I doubt this new amazing adventure of mine will get in my way of reviewing or writing!
I've already got a Twitter up for this site, I hope to soon have a Facebook page for up y'all!
To join tours, reveals, or blasts you don't have to sign up as a tour host. However if you like to so you can be the first to know about the latest stuff then sign up here Bloggers and Authors are welcome!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
I can't wait to get started for y'all!